Se: Works

It is no longer unusual to have a sofa in the office. Many companies nowadays provide cosy seating areas. But that alone is not enough if you also want to boost the productivity of your employees. Sedus has, therefore, created something completely new with se:works:

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Furniture configurator
Adapted to individual requirements and personal wishes: The configurator makes it easy to plan chairs and other furniture and try out different options.
Configure your product.

Relaxing efficiency

Armchairs, sofas, etc. are normally used for relaxing breaks, informal get-togethers with colleagues or a place where you can concentrate without being disturbed. It is quick, easy and inexpensive to create the right environment. In addition to the parametric fit, se:works provides a large selection of ready-made configurations: from traditional complete designs such as armchairs and free-standing sofas to unusual sofas such as circular, S-shaped or U-shaped. Equipped with various tables and work surfaces. se:works is available in a wide range of materials and colours.


Compact and comfortable

Ergonomic and multifunctional upholstered furniture to make people feel at home in the office. But leaving no doubt that it has been designed for working. Alone and in a team.

Open for modern forms of work

Thanks to its modules, tables and power supply options, se:works provides unlimited combinations for all kinds of use while creating a flexible office environment. As a shielded retreat for confidential conversations or for concentrated work, through to dynamic team meetings and informal get-togethers. You can choose a standard formation such as a circle, S-shaped, face-to-face or bench, or your own individual layout. Appropriate feel-good islands or entire landscapes can be created in any office.